Why Are Lobster Rolls So Delicious?

Why Are Lobster Rolls So Delicious?

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To the uninitiated, lobster rolls can be a bit elusive. They’re widely popular, mentioned in most circles when speaking about seafood, put Maine on the map, and seem to be on every seafood menu out there. Yet, when you look at a lobster roll, the thing isn’t even a roll but rather a sandwich? More importantly though, just what makes a lobster roll so delicious?

A Little History First

Before diving into all the flavors and textures that make lobster rolls hard to duplicate in terms of seafood cuisine, let’s first talk about where lobster rolls were born in the first place.

Lobsters themselves have an interesting history in America as they were first in such abundance that they were considered a poor man’s food, a stark contrast to the expensive luxury some consider lobster today. It started when the first European settlers arrived in America. They were met with scores of lobsters by the beaches. This food spread to other parts of the country, especially in Massachusetts where all types of people began enjoying lobster. It wasn’t until around World War II that lobster because the delicacy that you know it as today.

Why Lobster?

Lobsters, besides their great flavor, come with a few interesting facts of their own. For one, a lobster’s brain is actually in its throat. That’s not the only part of their body that doesn’t sound like it’s in the right place as their teeth are actually situated in their stomach. But aside from all their features, lobsters are popular in the food world not only for their flavor first and foremost, but because they have some good health benefits as well. Lobsters have fewer calories than chicken!

What Exactly Is A Lobster Roll?

Despite sounding that they’re one complicated concoction, lobster rolls have some simple ingredients and usually come in two forms:

  • Traditional- this style comes with some heated lobster slathered in butter, served on a hot dog bun.
  • Maine Style- chilled pieces of lobster on a toasted bun, with mayo (can be without),

Why So Delicious?

So what makes a lobster roll so delicious? You might just have to taste one yourself!

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