Types of Cocktails

Types of Cocktails

Everyone has a traditional cocktail that they know and love. Although we all have our favorite drinks, it’s not only important to know the basics of traditional cocktail types, but it’s also fun! If you’re looking to expand your knowledge or even start your home bar, here are some awesome types of cocktails to look out for. 


If you’ve ever had a Daiquiri or a Whiskey Sour, then you’ve tried the sour type of cocktail. Sour-type drinks have a few elements to them that classify them as sour. These cocktails must consist of something acidic, sweet, and strong. The acidic element that you’ll be tasting is citrus juice, while the sweet factor is usually a type of syrup. That leaves the strong element which is a base spirit. Sours are also versatile and can be enjoyed either up or on the rocks. It’s a drink for any alcohol lover.

Stirred Cocktails 

One of the most well-known drinks, the Old Fashioned, belongs to the stirred cocktail category. And with this one, the main element of the stirred cocktail is definitely the spirit.

If you’re into a stronger drink then this is the type for you. Stirred cocktails also include a sweetener, a bitter modifier, additional spirits, liquors, or fortified wines. These drinks can also be enjoyed up or on the rocks just like the sour drink category. 

Fizzes & Swizzles 

You may not have heard of a fizz, swizzle, flip, or smash type of cocktail but they have definitely been growing in popularity. Fizz is another type of sour cocktail, the only difference being carbonated water added after it’s been shaken. The fizz gets its name from its carbonated quality. A swizzle is another sour type combined with crushed ice. A flip is the more well-known cocktail of these types. These are the cocktails with egg or cream that most people like to enjoy around the holidays. Lastly, a smash contains muddled herbs, citrus, a spirit, and a sweetener served over crushed ice. 


Highballs are a well-known type of cocktail. Chances are you’ve enjoyed a Gin & Tonic, Moscow Mule, or a Mojito. Another name for the highball is the “long” drink due to the tall glass it’s served in. These cocktails are also sour-lengthened with carbonated water. Sometimes the base of the drink is shaken before the extra water gets added. Highballs are usually enjoyed over ice. 

Now that you’re an expert on the different types of cocktails, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. You can sample these famous cocktail types and more at Coastal Kitchen, located at 12 East Main St. Bay Shore, NY. 11706. Contact staff today by calling 631-665-3030.

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