Margaritas are The Cocktail of The Summer 

Margaritas are The Cocktail of The Summer 

By combining tequila, lime, and triple sec, you can create a bright and citrusy flavor profile that perfectly pairs with warm, sunny days and balmy evenings. Yet, what does this delicious flavor concoction make? Well, Margaritas, of course! Margaritas can be served frozen, on the rocks, or straight up, providing endless options to suit anyone’s taste preferences. 

Due to this, at Coastal Kitchen, we believe that margaritas deserve the ‘cocktail of the summer’ title. This traditional cocktail creates the perfect balance of flavors and is well-known as one of the most refreshing and classy drinks to enjoy during summer alone or with friends at events. 

After all, with its versatility and simplicity, the margarita is known for its crowd-pleasing ability during any summer gathering or party. At Coastal Kitchen, we have experience making the best ones. So, without further ado, let’s look into why Margaritas are the cocktail of the summer. 

The Origins Of The Margarita

Before looking into the origins of a margarita, let’s learn more about this thirst-quenching beverage. 

The origins of the margarita are somewhat murky, with many different stories and legends surrounding its inception. Yet among these stories and legends, one often-believed theory suggests that the first margarita was invented towards the end of the 1930s or during the early 1940s. 

According to sources, a socialite named Margarita Sames threw a party at her beach house in Acapulco, Mexico, and decided to serve a new tequila-based cocktail that she had mixed up. The cocktail was said to contain lime juice, tequila, and triple sec and became an instant hit among her guests. 

Another theory suggests that a bartender invented the margarita in Tijuana, Mexico, during the 1940s. This bartender supposedly created a cocktail using tequila, lime, and triple sec and named it the “Margarita” after a customer who frequently visited the bar. 

Irrespective of the margarita’s origins, it has become an iconic cocktail worldwide and remains a cherished favorite of many individuals.

The Best Way To Enjoy A Margarita Cocktail During The Summer

The greatest way to enjoy a margarita cocktail during the sizzling summer months is by keeping the recipe simple and refreshing. Utilizing fresh, high-quality ingredients like freshly squeezed lime juice and quality Agave tequila is vital to ensure the finest possible taste. One can also try serving the margarita cocktail chilled, blended with ice chunks or shavings, or on the rocks – whatever floats your boat.

In addition, using a salt rim on the glass can also add some extra flavor, although this is down to personal taste and might not be the best taste for newcomers to this summer beverage. 

However, beginners should consider adding a small amount of triple sec or other fruit flavors such as strawberry, mango, or pineapple to enhance the cocktail’s refreshing taste and make it even better taste-wise for summer. Moreover, if you like to be a little daring, consider using frozen fruit instead of ice, as it won’t water down your drink, and it will add an extra fruity kick. 

Ultimately, the finest way to enjoy a margarita during the summer is to experiment with diverse combinations until you discover the perfect margarita cocktail recipe.

Experience Your Next Margarita Cocktail at Coastal Kitchen

Here at Coastal Kitchen, we’re ready and excited to whip up the perfect summer margarita cocktail for any occasion. So, regardless of if you prefer a classic margarita served over ice, one frozen blended with fresh fruit, or one with a unique twist on the traditional recipe, we can create the ideal margarita for your taste. 

Our team is here to cater to your preferences and craft a delicious drink that meets your expectations. We only use fresh ingredients, high-quality Agave tequila, and original recipes to make our cocktails stand out. 

So contact us at Coastal Kitchen, and let us show you why our margarita cocktails are considered a must-have for any summer gathering!

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