History Behind Surf & Turf Pairing

History Behind Surf & Turf Pairing

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If you like to eat surf and turf, you’re not alone. Many people enjoy a steak and seafood pairing. Steak and seafood lovers may wonder where the surf and turf idea comes from. Here is some information about the surf and turf concept.


There has been a lot of discussion about surf and turf and where it came from. Many surf and turf lovers believe that the fad originated on the East Coast. However, there are also people who believe the idea came from the West Coast. Here’s what we do know. Surf and turf may have originated on both coasts at around the same time.

For example, the pairing of filet mignon and Maine lobster definitely originated on the East Coast, where people who were used to lobster wanted to try something different with it. Many people think that the East Coast tradition of surf and turf began in the 1960s. One restaurant advertised filet mignon and stuffed crab legs as a feature in 1966.

However, West Coast pairings experts believe the surf and turf dish was first served on top of the Space Needle in 1962. Crab legs and filet mignon were served there as well, but the King Crab legs came straight from Alaska.

There are other pairings for surf and turf besides filet mignon and lobster or crab. You can pair a filet mignon with large shrimp. You can also pair scallops with a strip steak such as a New York Strip. You may also want to try pairing a strip steak with lump crabmeat, which gives you both sweet and savory flavors.

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