Have A Friends’ Dinner Out This Month In Bay Shore, NY!

Have A Friends’ Dinner Out This Month In Bay Shore, NY!

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Sometimes our busy lives get the best of us. If you’re tied up with school, your job, or your family, consider taking some time away from your responsibilities to relax with friends. We all need some me time with the people closest to us, so check out six reasons to have a friends’ dinner out this month at Coastal Kitchen!

  • Catching up

    We get so distracted with our own lives that we forget to check in on others. Take the time to catch up with friends by enjoying a dinner out. Additionally, catch your friends up on what you’ve been up to.

  • Stress relief

    Unwinding with friends over food and drinks is the perfect way to cool down after a stressful week. Whether you’re taking midterms, working to meet a deadline at work, or caring for your children, take a step away from the stress of your daily life with a friends’ dinner out.

  • Special occasions

    Have a birthday or anniversary coming up? Did a friend just get engaged, receive a job promotion, or earn a degree? Celebrate these special occasions with a dinner out.

  • Spontaneity

    Sometimes it’s fun to switch things up and act spontaneously. Contact friends and suggest a last minute dinner. Enjoy these sudden plans and see where the evening takes you.

  • Economical fun

    Going out to dinner is fun, but it’s even more fun when you’re saving money. Consider visiting Coastal Kitchen during our happy hour or on an evening that has food or drink specials!

  • Practicality

    We all get hungry, so you might as well enjoy a meal with those closest to you! Plan a friends’ dinner out at Coastal Kitchen to enjoy delicious drinks, tasty food, and excellent company!

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