Have A Drink At Coastal Kitchen & Daiquiri Bar

Have A Drink At Coastal Kitchen & Daiquiri Bar

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Whatever happened to going out into the real world and pulling up a chair or barstool at our favorite local eatery to watch a game or listen to a little live music? When did we start living in a virtual world where nothing exciting ever happens and the scenery never changes?

Well, for the folks who make Coastal Kitchen and Daiquiri Bar their place to get away, they already know where the best place around town is.

Sometimes clicks, posts, pics, gifs, vids, and threads just aren’t enough. People need to get out and breathe in the fresh air and atmosphere in a place like this. Humans are social creatures and we are at our best and most comfortable when surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones, even when it’s just over dinner or drinks.

And once you see inside Coastal Kitchen, you and your friends will feel like you have found your home away from home. Great food, awesome drink specials, a local shop with all sorts of cool gadgets and gear, as well as pool tables, dartboards, and some of the best local music around will have you wondering why you never came and checked this place out before!

Now that you have heard about the most awesome place that you didn’t know about before, how great would it be to go check it out in person? Folks can be found living it up and enjoying themselves daily and nightly at Coastal Kitchen & Daiquiri Bar. 12 East Main Street, Bay Shore, New York, 11706. is their address and their phone number is 631.665.3030.

So, come on. No more sitting around the house like there is nothing to do when there is always something fun going on at Coastal Kitchen.

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