Great Tips for Playing Pool in a Bar

Great Tips for Playing Pool in a Bar

Billiards, otherwise known as pool, is an entertaining hobby that you can enjoy with friends, acquaintances, and strangers alike. There are bars with pool tables that charge a nominal fee or are completely free for patrons to play. However, if you’re going to play pool in a bar there are some things you need to know. Coastal Kitchen offers great tips that are important to be aware of when playing pool in a bar.

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Absent a stroke of luck that the pool table is vacant, there will likely be a list of people that are waiting for their turns to play. That list is often indicated on a chalkboard affixed to the wall. Sign-up by adding your name to the board and pay close attention to which players are competing. Try to grab a seat as close to the pool table as possible. You may need to sit through several games if the bar is really hopping. The bar will not announce your name, so don’t get distracted and then come to realize that you missed your turn. 

When your turn arrives, you automatically play the winner of the previous game and he or she gets to break. Offering to rack is a good way to prove that you have proper table manners. Remember to call your shot except in the event that the shot is evident…such as if the cue ball is close to touching your ball. Simply a pointing gesture or saying something along the lines of “corner pocket” is usually sufficient.

Life is full of rules and playing pool follows suit. Bars usually have house rules that must be strictly followed, particularly when it comes to tournaments. If you are a newcomer at a bar, inquire about the set rules by asking the bartender or your first rival.

Making a bet on the game is not just frowned upon, but a violation of the rules. If you’re playing against a friend there is nothing shady about congratulating the winner with a drink. However, playing for money is a no-no and can actually get you thrown out of the bar. Play pool for free at Coastal Kitchen during Happy Hour, every Monday through Friday from 3:00 pm until 6:00 pm! We are proud of the quality coastal-style cuisine we prepare for our customers along with an expansive variety of appealing adult beverages. Coastal Kitchen is located at 12 East Main Street in Bay Shore, New York, and can be reached at (631) 665-3030. We hope to see you soon for food, drinks, and complimentary games of pool.

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