Going Nuts On World Coconut Day

Going Nuts On World Coconut Day

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For those of you who grew up on reruns of Gilligan’s Island, the coconut is more than familiar. Even though this tropical delight has spent much time being a comedic device, its primary use in both the culinary arts and a key ingredient in drinks is what it’s best suited for. Now for lovers of Almond Joys and tropical drinks alike, there’s a special occasion on September 2nd with you in mind…World Coconut Day!

While there’s never a bad time to enjoy a coconut-infused beverage or Harry Nielson’s song about combining lime with one and drinking it all up, the history of this island export is a rather interesting one. First encountered by Marco Polo in 1280 during an expedition to Sumatra, Spanish Conquistadores noticed the bizarre indentations which reminded them of a specter from folklore known as ‘coco.’ This is how the coconut got its name, and we’ve been enjoying them in a variety of ways ever since.

Now that you have a familiarity with the history of the coconut as well as the knowledge of a new holiday to celebrate, how are you going to engage in the festivities? World Coconut Day doesn’t require gift exchanges or overpriced greeting cards—all you need is your palate to sample some delicious drinks that may or may not include an umbrella for decoration.

At Coastal Kitchen we offer a variety of drinks for not only World Coconut Day but any day that ends in ‘y’ because one doesn’t need an excuse to enjoy a delicious libation.

Here’s a few choice items from our menu to celebrate with:

Just Make it Blue ($12)

This is decadence in a glass. A mixture of Don Q. Coconut rum, pineapple, lime, falernum, and Blue Curaçao, all topped off with an umbrella for that tropical aesthetic.


A tried-and-true classic. Our offering of white rum, coconut, pineapple is a perfect mix for this traditional frozen mixture.BBC($14)

Not to be confused with the British Broadcasting Corporation, this combination of rum, pineapple, Bailey’s, fresh banana, and coconut is too good to pass up.

Mezcal Grasshopper ($15)

This fabulous foursome of Ilegal mezcal Fernet Brana Menta, coconut, cocoa, and coffee agave will entice your tastebuds and possibly make you order seconds.

Visit our website at coastalliny.com for a complete menu and directions. While we certainly invite you to celebrate on September 2nd (or any day for that matter), we ask that you drink responsibly and decide on a designated driver or rideshare if necessary.

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