Get the Best Burgers in Bay Shore at Coastal Kitchen

Get the Best Burgers in Bay Shore at Coastal Kitchen

Burgers–they’re one of the most popular food items in the United States. Much like pizza and the poke bowl, they’re customizable, with a wide range of ways to prepare them. And, if you’ve ever dined at Coastal Kitchen, you know just how much effort we put into making our offerings the best you’ve ever had. So, what is it that makes a burger perfect? We consulted the experts and asked them to weigh in on this all-important issue. 

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The Bun 

It could be said that the bun is the unsung hero of the perfect burger. So much so that people rarely think about the all-important ingredient that’s holding the meat, cheese, and other toppings firmly in place. Many cooks attest to the importance of a bun that’s robust yet won’t hinder the flavors of the other ingredients. If you order a burger with a considerable amount of toppings or have it cooked medium-rare, a thick bun is necessary to keep the condiments and juices off of your hands. 

The Patty 

Believe it or not, the experts that we paneled all attested to one thing–finding a perfect patty is an art form, and there are a few key ingredients that make it just so. A few chefs say that having a considerable fat content allows the patty to have a bold flavor and a texture that’s appealing to the human palate. Aside from the construction of the patty, many cooks also insist that not overdoing it by having a burger well done is the secret to the successful burger story. 


While not everyone enjoys cheese as a compliment to their burger, it’s easily the most ordered topping. There are several different varieties of cheese, and chefs agree that you should always go with one that won’t overpower the flavor of the patty. Cheddar, American, and Swiss are the usual suspects; each one has a distinct taste that always goes well with a patty and bun. If spice is your preferred flavor, consider some jalapenos to really pick up the kick. 

Coastal Kitchen 

No matter which way you take your burger, we certainly hope you’ll have one of ours. At Coastal Kitchen, we take the time to ensure that everything is perfectly prepared for the benefit of our clients. For a menu, catering, and a whole lot more, RSVP today over at coastalliny

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