Frequently Asked Questions About Catering

Frequently Asked Questions About Catering

With summer in full swing, there’s a very good chance that you have some events that you can start planning and prepping for. While the final result of this process is rather enjoyable, the steps that you need to take to get there can be quite arduous and stressful. So what about letting someone else do the heavy lifting in this regard so you can focus your time and effort on celebrating? This is the reason why so many people hire a catering company. And here at Coastal Kitchen, we take immense pride in the events that we cater. Perhaps you have questions about our catering service. And today, we’re going to answer them. 

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How Long Are Catered Events? 

This depends on the event in question. Typically, most events are scheduled for three hours. We believe in being flexible, as we understand that some events take longer to complete and enjoy. Keep in mind that events with an open bar cannot exceed a. time period of four and a half hours. 

Can I Bring My Own Additions to the Event? Such as a DJ, Dessert, and Decorations? 

At Coastal Kitchen, we’re dedicated to ensuring an enjoyable celebration. If you have your own dessert, we’ll gladly display it and serve it alongside our menu, which is customizable to your specifications. Small decorations are allowed, as are centerpieces for tabletops. A DJ or live band is permissible, but we ask that you touch base with us in advance, as sometimes the restaurant will be open. 

How Early Can I Show Up to Decorate for the Event? 

We typically allow guests to come 50-60 minutes before the event is scheduled to begin to decorate. It’s a good idea to contact us ahead of time if you plan on doing so. If we have a fully booked day, we might not be able to guarantee extra time for setup and breakdown. Most events are scheduled for three hours, so be sure to plan accordingly. 

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Here at Coastal Kitchen, we strive to provide our customers with an experience that they’ll always remember. Whether you’re planning a large event or just want to drop by for some exquisite food and drinks, we’re here to offer you everything you need. For a menu, reservations, and much more, RSVP at

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