Enjoy National Shrimp Day With Us!

Enjoy National Shrimp Day With Us!

We salute National Shrimp Day and ask that you do the same! Coastal Kitchen provides information about National Shrimp Day and how you can pay tribute to this tasty shellfish. National Shrimp Day is celebrated on May 10th every year in the United States. As the most popular seafood in the country, shrimp has certainly earned this annual honor.

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“Jumbo shrimp” and “prawn” are general terms used when referring to all large shrimp. There are countries around the world that call all shrimp “prawn” regardless of the size. One of the marvelous attributes of shrimp is that there are a host of cooking methods such as baking, boiling, broiling, sauteing, frying, and grilling. It is important not to overcook shrimp since they are most delicious when not scorched. Another fabulous trait of shrimp is that it is abundant in nutrients like omega-3, calcium, iodine, and protein while remarkably low in calories. Studies indicate that the consumption of shrimp is beneficial to the circulatory system.

Exceptionally Sought-After Shrimp Dishes:

Shrimp Cocktail… 

Authentic shrimp cocktail consists of small salad shrimp garnished with a dollop of cocktail sauce and attractively presented in a sundae glass.

Shrimp Scampi…

A well-known dish, the shrimp is cooked in butter, garlic, lemon juice, and white wine. Shrimp scampi is so desirable among people that it even has its own celebratory day on April 29th each year.

Shrimp DeJonghe…

This scrumptious dish is served in the form of a casserole with whole, peeled shrimp, encased in soft, garlic, sherry-laced bread crumbs. Originating in Chicago, dining establishments commonly offer it as an appetizer or as a complete meal.

Seafood Gumbo…

Seafood gumbo is a satisfying stew or soup that was most likely born in southern Louisiana a few centuries ago. The gumbo usually consists of a strongly-flavored stock, shrimp, crab meat, occasionally oysters, a thickening ingredient, and vegetables to add further flavoring. Gumbo is categorized by cooking professionals according to the kind of thickener that is added to the recipe. The chosen substance to add body may be okra, the Choctaw spice, file powder which contains dried and ground sassafras leaves, or roux, the French base that is produced by combining flour and fat.

Please join us at Coastal Kitchen on May 10th to support National Shrimp Day! We have an impressive selection of shrimp dishes that are all superb as well as premium drinks to pair perfectly with your meal. Coastal Kitchen is situated at 12 East Main Street in Bay Shore, New York, and may be reached by calling (631) 665-3030.

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