Enjoy a Travel-Inspired Cocktails for National Rum Day

Enjoy a Travel-Inspired Cocktails for National Rum Day

If you haven’t heard of National Rum Day, then now’s a perfect time to acquaint yourself with it by joining us for a cocktail on August 16th. We’ll share with you the concept behind National Rum Day and give you a few drink suggestions. We hardly need a reason to grab a nice rum cocktail, but this supplies even more motivation.

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National Rum Day

So, why do we celebrate National Rum Day?

Well, for one, our country has a pretty long history of enjoying it and rebelling against its prohibition, especially right here in New England. You might recall from your history classes how the British Crown imposed a severe tax on rum, sugar, and molasses with the infamous Sugar Act of 1764. The patriots of those days would have no part of it or any other burdensome taxes and eventually fought the American Revolution in response.

Third Most Popular Spirit

Rum still ranks high among the most popular spirit drinks in the U.S. Whiskey and vodka are the two most popular, but rum occupies a solid third place. It’s one of the most mixable liquors, which is good for several cocktails like daiquiris, pina coladas, rumrunners, and rum and coke.

Also, for what it’s worth, rum is friendly for weight loss efforts. One shot of rum only accounts for about 70 or 80 calories. Rum improves with age when you store it in oak barrels, which is the key to turning a bargain brand into top-shelf quality.

Premium Cocktail Options at Coastal Kitchen

Come celebrate with us on August 16th by trying one of our best rum cocktails. You can find several on our drink menu, such as:

  • Coastal Rum Punch (with 4 Caribbean rums)
  • Soggy Dollar Painkiller (dark rum, coconut, orange, and nutmeg flavors)
  • Cuba Libre 12 (rum, vanilla bitters, lime, and coke)
  • Espresso Martini (vanilla-infused dark rum, cold brew coffee, and demerara)
  • Traditional Mai Tai 15 (Jamaican rum, Probitas white rum, almond orgeat, and more)

Those are just a few samples from our illustrious cocktail selection. We have a couple of dozen choices, not including beer and wine options.

Coastal Kitchen + Daiquiri Bar is Bay Shore’s best place for great drinks, a relaxing atmosphere, and plenty of delicious food. Don’t forget to check us out for live events like Margherita Madness and Happy Hour. We also have plenty of space for you and your friends to shoot pool, throw darts, and enjoy music. Call us to learn more at 631-665-3030.

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