Celebrating National Beer Day at Coastal Kitchen

Celebrating National Beer Day at Coastal Kitchen

At Coastal Kitchen, we believe in providing immersive expertise to our customers when they come and visit our location. This means the finest foods, the tastiest drinks, as well as entertainment that allow people to have memories that last long after their meal is finished. And while there’s always an excellent reason to come down and experience all we have to offer, there’s one particular day in April that we want you to come down and celebrate with us. Hint—it’s not Easter. 

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National Beer Day 

On April 7th, we recognize one of the most pivotal pieces of legislation ever signed into law by a U.S. President. On this day in 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt signed a bill that officially ended a period of our history known as prohibition. While Americans love their sudsy beverages, they weren’t always readily available as they are today. From 1920 until Roosevelt’s legislation in 1933, the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages were prohibited by law. This period was marked by the rise of organized crime figures who were all too eager to rake in the profits from illegal booze sold to the masses. 

Celebrating with Some Sudsy beverages at Coastal Kitchen 

While the cocktails at Coastal Kitchen are well-known to our clientele, we have a wide variety of beers for you to enjoy on this very special holiday. As is to be expected, we have the domestic blends that are always popular, such as Budweiser and Michelob, but we also carry a wide variety of imports that people can’t get enough of. The popular ones, of course, include Heineken, Corona, and Sapporo, but we also have some wonderful offerings in the form of craft beers that are brewed by the very best. These come from all over, and some of the regions where we get these flavorful offerings include New York, Rhode Island, and even Hawaii. No matter what your individual taste in beer might be, we guarantee we’ve got one that you’ll instantly fall in love with. And if you’re thinking a specially crafted cocktail is how you want to celebrate, we’ve got you covered. 

Coastal Kitchen 

There are plenty of locations that offer unique drinks and fine dining, but you haven’t lived until you’ve sampled the offerings at Coastal Kitchen. Whether it’s for National Beer Day or any other day, we believe in offering the very best. For a menu and more, pay us a visit at coastalliny.com.

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