Best Dips for Your Wings That Will Make You Sing

Best Dips for Your Wings That Will Make You Sing

At Coast Kitchen, we pride ourselves on providing the very best food and drinks to our clientele and the tourists who come to visit Long Island every year. Of course, New York and Wings are two terms that go hand in hand with one another, and if you find yourself visiting our location, you might be curious about what makes this love affair so iconic. More importantly, you might be curious about what sauces you should utilize to accentuate the experience of wings to their maximum potential. 

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We’re offering a breakdown of the various success that will have you singing in no time at all. 


Tangy, tasty, tried, and true, all of these terms perfectly describe the utilization of barbecue sauce with your wings. Whether it’s chicken wings or leftover pizza crust, this dipping sauce provides a tasty and tangy touch, that isn’t too spicy for the palate. 


While Jim Kelly was never able to secure a super bowl victory for the Buffalo Bills, the quarterback’s love of the buffalo chicken wings was legendary and he made sure to bring them with him to every playoff game. This flavor is well known throughout the New York area, and provides a spicier kick than barbecue sauce but maintains that tang for a tasty experience. 


Notable for its popularity in the midwest, Ranch sauce has a smooth buttermilk base that makes it cool, and refreshing, and actually creates a one-of-a-kind taste when paired with chicken. Whether it’s on a sandwich or a dipping sauce for your wings, you can’t go wrong with this staple. 

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese, a product by way of French and Cajun cuisine, contains a unique health benefit. Blue cheese obtains its unique flavor and texture due to mold, which is known as penicillium. This mold produces no toxins and has actually been discovered to be quite healthy. Mixing blue cheese with buffalo creates a unique sauce that has a spicy, tangy kick, with a satisfying cooling texture. 

Honey Mustard 

Sweet, spicy, tangy. This is the trifecta of flavor that draws many people into the world of honey mustard sauce. Absolutely exquisite with chicken wings, many who prefer more of a kick with their tangy tastes swear by this delicious delicacy. 

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