3 Healthy Benefits Of Burgers

3 Healthy Benefits Of Burgers

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Sometimes, in our current era of health-consciousness, we fail to give certain foods a chance when they may be pretty good for us. Coastal Kitchen thinks burgers are one of those overly maligned foods. If you examine closely, you’ll discover some surprising health benefits to enjoying a savory burger.

What Are 3 Healthy Benefits of Burgers?

1. Lots of Iron

Iron does so much to promote healthy digestion and overall immune system function. Burgers made from lean meat (90% lean) contain roughly 3 milligrams of iron. That’s a significant portion of the recommended daily intake of iron for men (8 milligrams) and women (18 milligrams).

2. Vitamin B-12: The Energy Vitamin

Do you need energy? Of course, you do. Burgers provide exactly that because beef has tons of Vitamin B-12, the veritable energy vitamin. You don’t want to find yourself deficient in B-12 because then you run the risk of red blood cell deterioration. If that happens, you may encounter several unwelcome health consequences like fatigue, hyperthyroidism, cognitive decline, and infertility. Grab a burger at Coastal Kitchen, boost your energy, and maybe get a souvenir shirt AND free drink while you’re at it.

3. Packed with Protein

Red meat is well known for both iron and protein. Protein is vital for healthy cell growth and muscle development. Most restaurants serve burgers that account for more than half the daily recommendation for protein (more than 20 grams of protein). All that’s left for you to do is choose the healthiest toppings and sides to accompany all that savory, high-protein beef. Coastal Kitchen recommends adding avocado! If you do it right, you can get a great proportion of the critical macronutrients from a satiating, tasty burger.

Where Can You Get a Great Burger?

Coastal Kitchen is Bay Shore’s best new option for coastal food and travel-inspired drinks. If you take a moment to peruse our menu, you’ll see a couple of tasty burger options, our Classic Burger and Coastal Burger, made from Happy Valley beef, and prepared to perfection. You can always augment them with delicious add-ons like avocado, bacon, or homemade kimchi.

Feel free to call us to learn more at 631-665-3030 or stop by at 12 East Main Street, Bay Shore, NY. Come visit us for great food and drinks soon!

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