Seafood, Burgers, & Wings OH MY!

Seafood, Burgers, & Wings OH MY!

On our blog, you will discover the enchanting union of seafood, burgers, and wings, transforming mealtime into a sublime sensation. From seafood connoisseurs to burger buffs, everyone finds something they like at our establishment. These culinary treasures take center stage in our blog.

1. Seafood Sensation

Apart from fresh seafood, what does Coastal Kitchen stand committed to? Grilled fish, succulent shrimp, and tender crab are just a few of the oceanic treasures featured on our menu. Here are some reasons why seafood aficionados flock to Coastal Kitchen:

Health Benefits: Omega-3 fatty acids and protein of exceptional quality are abundant in seafood. Tasty and nutritious, this food choice complements any meal plan.

Variety: From classic choices like shrimp scampi and grilled salmon to newer items like lobster tacos, our seafood menu offers a diverse selection. There’s something for everyone.

Sustainability: Dedicated to sourcing environmentally friendly options, our aim is to preserve the health of oceans while offering a worry-free dining experience free of guilt.

2. Burger Bliss

Coastal Kitchen covers those desiring comfort food classics like the burger. Artful culinary creations, our burgers are crafted with only the best ingredients and perfectly cooked. Here’s why our burgers are a cut above the rest:

Premium Ingredients: Only the most superior meats and rolls are employed at our establishment for maximum satisfaction.

Creative Flavors: From traditional favorites to more adventurous choices, our burger menu features a wide variety, including offerings like the avocado and Swiss burger or the spicy jalapeño burger.

Customization: From toppings to cheese, and sauce selection, at Coastal Kitchen, you are king.

3. Wings Wonderland

Our ability to create juicy wings with an outer layer of crispness sets us apart at Coastal Kitchen. Here’s why our wings are a crowd-pleaser:

Variety of Flavors: There exists a sauce for everyone; pick either buffalo, honey mustard, or garlic Parmesan!

Perfectly Cooked: Tender meat and crispy skin come together in perfect sync while cooking our wings to create an unforgettable flavor experience.

Ideal for Sharing: Any social occasion improves with wings added. Friends can be shared among, or enjoyed as they watch the big game with a platter.

Our focus at Coastal Kitchen is to provide a memorable experience, not just a meal. Carefully prepared and bursting with flavor, seafood, burgers, and wings light up our menu. A burger masterpiece, seafood feast, or plate of mouthwatering wings – at Coastal Kitchen, you’ll discover your culinary passion. Come join us and learn why our mouthwatering offerings have sparked heated discussions throughout the town. At Coastal Kitchen, visit us today and indulge in our delectable offerings!

Check us out at Coastal Kitchen, located at 12 East Main St. Bay Shore, NY. 11706. Contact staff today by calling 631-665-3030

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