Order Coastal To-Go For National Picnic Day

Order Coastal To-Go For National Picnic Day

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When the weather warms up, a picnic is a fun and refreshing way to share a meal. You can enjoy a picnic on a blanket in the grass or you can eat your meal off of a picnic bench. This April 23, order Coastal Kitchen to-go for National Picnic Day.

When you think of a picnic, you may think of cooking up a meal and carrying it along with you in a picnic basket, but you can also order to-go food for a picnic, no basket needed.

The history of picnics dates back centuries. In 1789, after the French Revolution, royal parks opened up to the public and picnic grew in popularity. In the 1800s, picnics spread to the British Isles. Then, in 1989, protestors along the Hungarian and Austrian border participated in the Pan-European Picnic, which favored German reunification. On Bastille Day, 2000, France organized a 600-mile long picnic to celebrate the new millennium and break a picnic world record.

In a National Today survey of 1,000 Americans, 52% of people said they love picnics. When asked who their top picnicking buddies were, 49% of people said family, 32% of people said their significant other, 8% said their entire friend group, 6% said their best friend, and 5% of people said their pets. 

This April 23, celebrate National Picnic Day with Coastal Kitchen. Place a to-go order with us and bring it along to your favorite park. Consider ordering our Surf & Turf Burger for your picnic, which is made with a 6 ounce Pat LaFrieda burger, Maine lobster tail, homemade queso, garlic oil, scallions, and a toasted brioche bun.

If you want something a little lighter, our grilled chicken sandwich is a good choice. This menu item is made with sliced apple, Swiss, herb aioli, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a toasted ciabatta bun. We also have a fried chicken sandwich that includes buttermilk fried chicken, spicy mango slaw, tropical BBQ sauce, sliced pickle chips, and a toasted brioche bun.

To place a to-go order with Coastal, give us a call. You can reach us by phone at 631-665-3030.

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