Invite Your Friends Over For Coastal Kitchen, Thanks To Uber Eats!

Invite Your Friends Over For Coastal Kitchen, Thanks To Uber Eats!

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Coastal Kitchen is excited to announce that we are now working with Uber Eats! With Uber Eats, you can order your favorite menu items from our restaurant and have them arrive directly at your door. Thanks to this convenience, you can now plan a party with friends or family and serve our food at your event without having to go out of your way.

If you’re planning a party for friends or family at your house, the first step to take in planning is deciding on a theme. Consider a theme like game night, karaoke, or crafting. You can even host a dinner and movie night at your place thanks to Uber Eats!

Next, decide on your menu. Tailor your order choices to your theme. If you’re having a movie night, consider entrees such as a coastal seasonal salad, the surf and turf burger, or a grilled chicken sandwich. If you’re considering a game night, think about snacks instead. Order from Coastal Kitchen using Uber Eats to serve nachos, wings, spicy mango guacamole, Thai coconut fish cakes, and more at your event.

Don’t forget to ask your friends and family if they have any food allergies or dietary restrictions! At Coastal Kitchen, we have a variety of foods sure to meet the tastes and needs of your guests.

Once you’ve prepared the perfect menu, you’re ready to set the mood. Think about displaying your Uber Eats order in a fun way for your guests. Set up food on fancy trays, decorate your table with flowers, or get creative with your serving style.

Place your order for Coastal Kitchen with Uber Eats tonight! Doing so is simple, just download the Uber Eats app or visit the company’s website to order your favorite menu items. Setting up an account is easy and the delivery process is as convenient as possible!

Coastal Kitchen Now Offering Delivery With Uber Eats

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