Celebrate New Beer’s Eve with Coastal Kitchen

Celebrate New Beer’s Eve with Coastal Kitchen

You’re familiar with New Year’s Eve, but what about New Beer’s Eve? In 1920, the 18th amendment was added to the U.S. Constitution. This amendment banned all liquor, including beer. This time period, from 1920 to 1933, was known as the Prohibition. When Roosevelt became President of the United States, he ended the Prohibition on April 7. So, we celebrate April 6 as New Beer’s Eve to honor the end of the Prohibition. If you want to celebrate New Beer’s Eve, do so with Coastal Kitchen!

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The 21st amendment repealed the 18th, making liquor once again legal in the United States. To celebrate the 21st amendment, you can grab a drink from Coastal Kitchen. We may be closed for dine-in orders, but we are open for take out and delivery orders starting Monday, April 6. Our full food, beer, wine, and cocktail menus are available for takeout and delivery, so you can celebrate New Beer’s Eve with us! All of our craft beer is $3 or $4, including our draughts, bottles, and cans.

Our beer menu at Coastal Kitchen is vast. You can order from our Caribbean craft menu if you are interested in Aguila from Colombia, Pacifico from Mexico, Tona from Nicaragua, or Xingu Black Beer from Brazil. We also have international craft beers from around the world, including Super Bock Lager from Portugal, Peroni from Italy, and Einstok Icelandic Porter from Iceland.

We are offering 15 percent off curbside takeout orders and free delivery within a 5 miles radius on $30 orders. We are also offering a free $10 gift card when you purchase a $50 gift card, or a free $25 gift card when you purchase a $100 gift card. Our gift cards are shipped right to your door for ultimate convenience and safety. There’s no better place to order from than Coastal Kitchen for New Beer’s Eve, so consider take-out of delivery this April 6!

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