5 Reasons to Try Craft Beer

5 Reasons to Try Craft Beer

Are you someone who enjoys a cold beer at the end of a difficult day? Or do you like to try new alcoholic beverages for the unique flavors you can enjoy? It’s no secret that beer brewed by mega breweries can be lackluster and leave you wanting more.

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Yet fear not as there is a new beer on the block. Craft beer has become a new fan favorite for many different reasons. This unique beer is made by small independent local brewers who take their time working hard to create a craft beer and sold by local restaurants. 

Today, Coastal Kitchen & Daiquiri Bar has put together 5 reasons why you should extend your beer palate and try a craft beer!

1. Variety

Arguably, one of the main reasons you should consider trying craft beer is because of the variety on offer. There are hundreds if not thousands of different types of craft beer you can try. No matter the occasion, time of year, or time of day, there is a craft beer to suit whatever you find yourself in the mood for. 

Since each local brewery makes its own unique craft beers, you will be spoilt for choice as you will be treated to unique recipes no matter where you go. 

2. Higher Alcohol Content

The majority of craft beers have an alcohol content rating of between 5% and 10%, yet a few have an alcohol rating of as high as 20%. Yet, why is this a reason for you to try a craft beer? 

Well, if you drink a craft beer that has a higher alcohol content than normal beer, you will reach your desired effect faster. Additionally, you will spend less money. After all, you will buy fewer drinks and consume fewer calories because you’re drinking fewer beers. 

3. Health Benefits

It may seem incredibly hard to believe, but there are health benefits to drinking craft beer. According to a growing body of research, there are numerous benefits to drinking craft beer in moderation. 

For example, if you consume craft beer, you will have improved bone density, a decreased risk of hypertension, improved weight maintenance, and a decreased risk of heart failure. Additionally, drinking craft beer lowers your risk of developing various arthritic conditions. 

4. Has More Flavor

If you’re a beer connoisseur, you have likely tried many different types, and the thing you have probably found that they all have in common is that they lack flavor, are bland, or all taste eerily similar. Should you choose to try craft beer, you will most likely notice that it’s rich in flavor. 

Since there is an incredible range of available options, different recipes have different flavors. For example, there are lighter-tasting ales, one’s with fruity undertones, and even craft stouts with chocolaty tones. Regardless of your tastes, you won’t find it too much of a challenge to find a craft beer that delights your palette. 

5. Environmentally Safe Brewing

Let’s face it mega beer breweries are not as environmentally conscious as they should be. Unlike these mega breweries, local craft beer breweries practice many environmentally sustainable practices. 

Some of these practices include but aren’t limited to using alternative energy sources, composting, and offering spent grain to local farmers. Essentially, if you are someone who cares for the environment, then considering switching to craft beers could be the perfect way for you to make a positive environmental impact. 

Try Delicious Craft Beer in Bay Shore

Now you know the top five reasons why you need to consider trying craft beer. To recap, this alcoholic beverage is perfect for any occasion, has wonderful health benefits, provides variety and flavor, and it has a higher alcohol content. 

Should your interest be piqued, why not head down to Coastal Kitchen & Daiquiri Bar to try the impressive range of craft beers we have to offer. With an impressive Caribbean and international craft range, you’re likely to find a new favorite alcoholic beverage in no time. Get in touch with us at 631-665-3030 to make a solo or group reservation or ask us about our live music and events. We are located at 12 East Main Street in Bay Shore, NY.

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